We’re Dyeing For It!

Tie Dye Tees is a specialized dyeing atelier based in Los Angeles, California; our goal is to partner closely with our clients in creating truly unique dyed premium apparel with an edgy fashion appeal. Our studio consists of a tight design and consultation team as well as a group of talented dye artists who are […]

Inside Tie Dye Tees’ Custom Dyed T-Shirts

At Tie Dye Tees “hand-made” means Made With Love. And we have tons and tons of love for our custom dyed t-shirts. Take a glimpse inside our studio and you’ll see a few of our dye artists hard at work creating the unique designs and custom dyed t-shirts which makes our service so valuable to […]

Treatment & Washes Dyed T-shirt Catalog

We field so many inquiries about our finishes and our dyeing processes everyday that we thought it might be time to put pen to paper and compile a Tie Dye Tees Catalog of some of our basic treatments and washes. Sadly we’ve had to leave out the more radical custom effects which we’ve created over […]