Inside Tie Dye Tees’ Custom Dyed T-Shirts

At Tie Dye Tees “hand-made” means Made With Love. And we have tons and tons of love for our custom dyed t-shirts.

Take a glimpse inside our studio and you’ll see a few of our dye artists hard at work creating the unique designs and custom dyed t-shirts which makes our service so valuable to our clients. We’re proud of our “hands on” approach to the creative process because many of our dyeing styles and finishes simply cannot be created without the human touch.

Our specialized custom work requires hand-tying and binding (sometimes tight, sometimes loose) and, for many finished, the application of your dyes can only be done by hand. This requires the services of a truly dedicated and experienced team of dye artists, who understand not only the artist and creative purposes of each of our applications but also what the outcome of these custom dyed t-shirts needs to be.

We work closely with our clients to achieve a finished product which truly sets these garments apart from the herd and offers our clients a truly unique selling point: The singular appeal of each and every garment, as created by the human touch. Now that’s something you don’t see every day

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