We’re Dyeing For It!

Tie Dye Tees is a specialized dyeing atelier based in Los Angeles, California; our goal is to partner closely with our clients in creating truly unique dyed premium apparel with an edgy fashion appeal.

Our studio consists of a tight design and consultation team as well as a group of talented dye artists who are responsible for bringing our unique and incredible dye-creations to life. When we say “hand made” we really mean it, and you can see from our production videos that we mean what we say. For us it isn’t enough to simply manufacture apparel, we artfully engage with the processes and techniques—some unique to our studio, others hundreds of years old—to create beautiful and unique fashions which immediately set our clients apart from the herd.

With years of experience in the dark arts of dyeing and fabrication behind us we proudly claim a place in the Californian fashion trade, and whilst we prefer to stay under the radar in order to get great work done, our clients value our services as we help the, to set a different standard and push to boat out just a little further than their competitors.

When you find yourself in need of more than just “another dye job” and have a project which needs the singular touch of an artist’s studio, get in touch with us. We will help you move the needle and get your customer’s attention.

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